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2013-01-03 11:01 pm

I'm not switching to Dreamwidth

However, if anyone wants to refriend on their freshly minted and/or ressurected DW accounts, be my guest -- however, be aware that I'm not a fan of blog-broadcasting so I won't be doing a lot of cross-posting in any direction. But, if we get more outages, I might be more inclined to come over here rather than G+ if I thought someone was listening...
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2009-06-14 01:42 pm

dreamwidth/livejournal cross post

I was actually looking for that bit of James Bond/Sapphire and Steel slash I found stashed on a harddrive (with no memory of how it got there) for my first cross-post from Dreamwidth. But it seems to have disappeared back into whatever anomaly it came from. Never mind, this was on top of the pile on my desk this morning:

All from one, particularly memorable, presentation. May you never see one as bad.

I've set it up so that anything posted on DW automatically comes over here (I hope). So no need for anyone to take any action whatsoever (except possibly friend me over on DW to stop me feeling like Billie no-mates).
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2009-06-14 01:28 pm

powerpoint presentation bingo

Look! It's what happened to be on top of the pile of things on my desk.